this photo series is an exploration of the concept of “thirst traps” and the way digital platforms like twitter and onlyfans have altered the way asian american masculinity and desirability are represented and perceived online. thirst traps, images intended to evoke responses of desire, have become engrained in internet culture over the past decade, and the rise of onlyfans in the last few years has normalized more explicit nsfw content. i think of the historically significant ways in which asian american men “establish themselves as subjects of pleasure who also are consumers of their racial and sexual images via the Internet” (Shimizu, 2016) and specifically, via twitter. 

in these photos, i draw from the visual style of grindr photos—faceless and headless images of body parts. it is a tactic queer asian men often use to hide their asianness so as to avoid marginalization in that digital space (Shimizu, 2016) and something i seek to poke fun at/critique. i also pull visual inspiration from the late queer chinese artist, ren hang, and his iconic style of high-contrast flash. the yellow background of this site comes from the yellow color in the grindr logo.

the title ‘i think i’ll be more slutty’ comes from a chapter in Paul Michael Leonardo Atienza’s article “The Promise of Queer Pilipinx American Desire on Mobile Digital Apps in Los Angeles and Manila.” to me, this phrase is as an assertion and reconstruction of the desirability of asian american men.